Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society

Registered charity 271065

Our House

Tuesday 14th to Saturday 18th October 2014

Hertford Theatre, Hertford


Our House is a touching tale of life and love, heartbreak and comedy, right and wrong, set in London's Camden Town in he mid 1980s.

It's Joe Casey's 16th birthday and he's treating his girlfriend to an evening in a brand new luxury apartment - the only problem is, they have to break in! When the police turn up Joe has to decide - run away or face the music - a choice that will set the course of his life, and his love, forever.


Joe: Danny Hurley
Sarah: Gemma Pobjoy
Emmo: Will Smith
Lewis: Graham Duncan
Billie: Alexandra James
Angie: Katy Bovaird
Kath: Cheryl Nicholson
Dad: Del Parcell
Reecey: Stephen Wiley
Mr Pressman: Phil Watkins
Callum: TBC
Julie: Danielle Wolfe

Dancers: Josie Bell, Danielle Churchill, Alex Delameilleure, Elaine Miller, Nikki Milton, Emma Morter, Gina Ormerod, Leonie Ormerod, George Roberts, Danielle Wolfe

Chorus: Kimberley Brough, David Curling, Anna Everett, Michelle Ferris, Louise Kirtley, Sam Morris, Sally Newland, Martyn Broyd, Mel Purves, Phil Watkins

The 37 cameo rĂ´les will be cast from the Dancers and Chorus.

Production Team

Directed by Darren Jones
Musical Director: Andy Merrifield

Choreographer: Alison Latchford
Assistant to the Choreographer: Louise Fisher
Stage Manager: Nik Mayes
Lighting & Projection Manager: Ken Allford
Sound Manager: Graham Lay
Set Designer & Construction: Clive Barton
Properties: Malcolm Budd, Lynne Warrilow & Linda Radford
Wardrobe: Liane Burnett & team
Call Desk: Sue Hantke
Make-Up: Sally Tomlin, Jackie Noble & team
Front Of House Manager: Simon Morter
Publicity: HD&OS team
Programme Sales: Monica Hale & team
Poster & Programme Design: Wildcat Design (wildcat1@ntlworld.com)
Rehearsal Pianist: Andy Merrifield