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We will shortly be holding auditions for productions shown below.

High School Musical

Directed by Debra Constantinou-Bell

Venue: Hertford Theatre
Performance dates: Wednesday 15th - Saturday 18th May 2019

It's the first day back at school after the winter break at East High. Basketball team captain Troy discovers that the brainy Gabriella, a girl he met singing karaoke on his ski trip, has just enrolled. They cause an upheaval when they decide to audition for the High School Musical. Brother and sister duo Sharpay and Ryan have starred in every school musical and will do anything to continue. However Troy and Gabriella's alliance might just open the door for others to shine as well.

Full of catchy songs and exciting dance routines, Disney’s ‘High School Musical on Stage!’ explores issues of friendship, first love and acceptance. Suitable for all the family.


Tuesday 29th January 2019 7.30pm-9pm
Thursday 31st January 2019 7.30pm-9pm
at Bentley House, Hertford.

Auditions & Rehearsals

Auditions: Sunday 3rd February from 2pm at Bentley House, Hertford.

Production Team

Director - Debra Constantinou-Bell
Musical Director - Joanna Pierce
Choreographer - Wendy Couldridge
Stage Manager - Clive Bell
Set Design & Build - Jim Harris
Props - Clive Barton
Wardrobe - Liane Burnett
Lighting - Andy Pierce
Sound - Graham Lay
Make Up - Sally Tomlin & Jackie Noble
Call - Sue Hantke
Prompt - Julia Barton



Gabriella Montez (Female Teen) The "New Girl" to East High School, met Troy over winter break. [Alto - Lead female]
Troy Bolton
(Male Teen)
Captain of the Basketball team, met Gabriella over winter break. [Tenor - Lead male]
Sharpay Evans (Female Teen) Lead in every school musical since kindergarten. President of the drama club. And most popular student. Shows interest in Troy and hates Gabriella. Villain of the show. [Mezzo-Soprano - Lead]
Ryan Evans
(Male Teen)
Sharpay's brother. Performs with Sharpay in musicals. Vice President of the drama club. [Tenor - Lead]
Taylor McKessie (Female Teen) Head of the Brainiacs. Convinces Gabriella to try out for the Math elites. [Alto - Lead]
Chad Danforth
(Male Teen)
Basketball team member. Number 2 on the team and friend of Troy's. [Tenor - Lead]


Coach Bolton
(Male Teen or Kid to play Adult)
Gym Teacher, Troy's father and coach of the basketball team.
[Spoken - Supporting Lead]
Zeke Baylor
(Male Teen)
Basketball team member with a passion for baking & Sharpay. Solo in "Status Quo." [Baritone - Supporting]
Jason Cross
(Male or Female Teen)
Basketball team member, eager for Troy to continue his/her passion for basketball in "Counting On You." [Supporting]
(Male or Female Teen)
Passion for the cello and also skate boarding. Solo in "Status Quo." Skateboarding skills a plus. [Baritone or Alto - Supporting]
(Male or Female Teen)
Braniac & skater dude. Rippers's "sidekick." Skateboarding skills a plus. [Any - Cameo]
Basketball Team
(Male/Female Teens)
The dance core of the production. Featured in "Getcha Head in the Game"
Varsity Cheerleaders
(Male/Female Teens)
Will be featured prominently in "Wildcat Cheers" throughout the show, as well as other jock & ensemble numbers.
Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (Male/Female Kids) The children's ensemble. Will be featured prominently in "Wildcat Cheers" throughout the show, as well as other ensemble numbers.


Jack Scott
(Male or Female Teen or Kid)
News announcer at East High. Also known as "The Velvet Fog of East High". Provides important narration and commentary. Could possible split this role into a whole "News Team of 3" [Spoken - Supporting Lead]
Martha Cox
(Female Teen)
Brainiac, who has a passion for hip-hop. Solo in "Status Quo." [Mezzo-Soprano - Supporting]
(Male or Female Teen)
Brainiac, who is very much against Martha Cox's dancing, and "knows everything about everything." He/she has lines in " Status Quo and " Counting on you " [Any - Cameo]
Ms. Tenny
(Female Teen or Kid to play Adult)
The chemistry teacher. [Spoken - Cameo]
(Male or Female Teen or Kid to play Adult)
Moderator of the Braniacs' Tournament [Spoken - Cameo]


Ms. Darbus
(Female Teen or Kid to play Adult)
Drama Teacher. Dislikes the Jocks and Coach Bolton. [Spoken - Supporting Lead]
Kelsi Neilsen
(Female Teen)
Pianist for the drama club. Composer of the winter musical. Piano playing skills a plus. [Alto - Supporting Lead]
James Parker
(Male Teen)
An earthworm expressionist. He has the worst sense of pitch. [Any - Cameo]
(Female Teen)
Overdramatic, operatic soprano. [Soprano - Cameo]
(Female Teen)
Emotional wreck with ability to riff. [Alto - Cameo]
(Female Teen)
Ethel Merman wannabe, with no sense of tempo. [Alto - Cameo]
(Male Teen)
Well-dressed, but extremely shy. [Any - Cameo]

We are looking for Strong Actors/Singers and Dancers
Strong Comedy Roles and also smaller Cameo Actors
Important Ensemble and Cheer leaders

Queries: youngidea@hdos.org.uk