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We will shortly be holding auditions for productions shown below.

The Vicar Of Dibley

Directed by Linda Dyne

Venue: Hertford Theatre
Performance dates: 14th - 17th November 2018

The Vicar of Dibley is already a well-known sitcom and the characters are larger than life and engraved into our minds. To try and act it in a different style or fashion would be wrong in so many ways! When you read the lines, you envisage the characters seen on TV! I would recommend watching a few episodes as I will be looking to fill these very funny parts with a cast who are prepared to emulate the TV characters.


Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th July 2018, 7:45pm to 10pm at Bentley House.

Auditions & Rehearsals

Auditions: Sunday 15th July 2018 at 2:30pm at Bentley House, Hertford.
First read throughs: Tuesday 17th and Thursday 19th July 2018, 7:45pm to 10pm
First full rehearsal: Tuesday 4th September, 7:45pm to 10pm


Geraldine Granger A large outgoing, vivacious and fun-loving vicar, dedicated to caring for her flock! Big character, big heart and a great arse!! (So says Jim!).
Alice Tinker The delightfully silly verger at the Church. Blonde and scatterbrained she is the only member not to sit on the Council. Alice very rarely understands the vicars jokes and kills the punch lines by over-analysing the joke.
David Horton Chairman of the Parish Council, main opponent of the female vicar. Notorious bully, who gradually falls under Geraldine’s spell. He is devastated when he finds out that Hugo is going to marry Alice, and he is going to have to have her as his daughter-in-law!
Hugo Horton David’s son, is a sweet-natured, friendly but dim-witted! He and Alice have fancied each other for years and it takes the Vicar to bring them together! Although totally dominated by his Father, Hugo stands up to him when it comes to marrying Alice.
Letitia Cropley Dubbed ‘the Queen of Bleugh! If Delia Smith was old, mad and fantastically untalented, she would be a little like Letitia! Her recipes are notorious!
Frank Pickle The likeable but boring and pedantic secretary of the parish council. He is so boring, nobody listens to him. He declares his homosexuality in a radio broadcast that no one listens to!
Jim Trott A parish council member who has a habit of saying 'no, no, no' to almost everything he says! He is openly promiscuous and very flirty with the Vicar.
Owen Newitt Local farmer with a very earthy manner. Living alone, his personal hygiene leaves a lot to be desired but he is a kind-hearted and very randy!

Just reading this wonderful script makes you laugh out loud! Come along and have a go!

If anybody would like a perusal copy of the script then they should email me at n.mayes@sky.com.