Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society

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We will shortly be holding auditions for the productions shown below.

Directed by Lorraine Bottomley
Musical Director: Keith Willis
Choreographer: Sarah Comerford

Venue: Hertford Theatre
Performance dates: Tuesday 15th October - Saturday 19th October 2024

Get-togethers & Auditions

Get-togethers Wednesday 27th March 2024 7:30pm and Wednesday 3rd April at 7:30pm
at The Studio Theatre, Bentley House, Hertford.
Auditions Sunday 7th April 2024 from 10am.

Rehearsal nights : Mondays, Wednesdays and Sundays.

HD&OS is delighted to announce that our October 2024 production will be Shrek the Musical.

Based on the Oscar-winning Animation film, 'Shrek The Musical' is a Tony Award-winning fairy tale adventure, featuring all new songs including 'I'm A Believer'.

Shrek will be our first production back at the all-new 550 seat auditorium at Hertford Theatre and we are planning a spectacular show with fabulous roles for all ages.

As well as a cast of 35 singers, dancers and actors we will need a large backstage team for props, costumes, make-up, set and handling the puppets!

Please contact us if you would like to audition or be part of the production team.

Audition pieces will be available to download from mid February onwards.

Email shrek.hdos.2024@gmail.com for details.

Cast of Characters

Please note all genders are presented genders, not the gender of the actor.

Audition pieces can be found below.

SHREK: (male)
An ogre. An excellent actor and singer with great comedy skills. Suited to a performer of large stature! Abandoned as a child by his parents and used to a hostile response from locals, he had to 'toughen up' and fend for himself. His 'grumpiness' is only superficial, revealing a highly likeable and lovable character, who is somewhat afraid of opening up for fear of being hurt again. Audiences might expect a 'Scottish' twang to his accent - as per the film. Will require the wearing of prosthetic makeup.

FIONA: (female)
A beautiful princess. Excellent actress and singer with great comedy skills. Tap dance skills an advantage. Abandoned as a child by her parents she has been entertaining herself in an isolated tower and has developed a somewhat 'quirky' character beneath the conventional 'princess' exterior she initially tries to portray. She can be outspoken, clumsy and wacky. Not averse to having a burping/farting competition with Shrek - which suits her sense of humour. Hides the secret of being 'an ogre' by night!

DONKEY: (male)
A talking, walking donkey. Excellent comedian with strong singing and a good 'mover'. A lovable personality though sometimes annoyingly talkative. He wears his heart on his sleeve (whether that is fear, joy, love or annoyance), 'says it like it is' and never uses one word when he can use ten.

A king 'in waiting' with classic 'small-man syndrome'. Excellent comedian with good character singing (and strong knees!). Desperate to marry so he can ascend the thrown, he is a power hungry dictator who has banished all the 'freaks' from Duloc. Unfortuantely his dreams are undermined by being hilariously small, and neurotically temperamental. He hides the secret that he too is a 'freak' - with one of the seven dwarves as a father. The actor plays the whole performance on his knees.

DRAGON: (female)
A dragon with a soulful voice. Excellent singer. The performer sings the song 'Forever' off stage whilst on stage pupeteers operate the dragon puppet to 'mime' to the sung voice. Powerful soul voice, transitioning from a threatening beast to a love-struck 'girlfriend' when she falls for donkey.

The 'wooden boy' from the classic fairytale - with a twist. A strong character actor and singer. Performs the whole role (song and dialogue) in a falsetto voice. Outspoken, stroppy and frustrated - has a tendency to bend the truth at which point his nose grows. One of the characters in the 'fairytalecharacters' group.

GINGY: (female)
The ginger bread man. As in the movie, gingy is tortured by Farquaad in a comic scene. The character is a puppet for which the performer provides the voice. It is possible that the performer could be on stage - miming to the puppet or could double with 'Sugar Plum Fairy'. Appears in Act II and sings the opening of 'Freak Flag'.


Featured roles with some solo dialogue or singing.

YOUNG FIONA: (female - playing age 7). Excellent singer, and actress able to sing harmony. Appears in 'I Know It's Today'

TEEN FIONA: (female - playing age, young teenager). Excellent singer and actress, able to sing harmony. Appears in 'I Know It's Today'

YOUNG SHREK: (male - playing age 7). Good actor - non-speaking/singing role. Brief appearance in first song.

MAMA SHREK: (female) / PAPA SHREK: (male) Shrek's mum and dad - ogres. Good singers with comedy ability. Appear only in the opening song when they sing as his parents.

SUGAR PLUM FAIRY: (female) Russian accented 'ballerina' type. Sings verse of 'Freak Flag'. THREE PIGS: (male) Ability to sing 3 part harmony. German accents.

BIG BAD WOLF: (male) 'Big' but not 'bad'. Is cross-dressing in granny clothes.

WICKED WITCH: (female) not “wicked”, but blunt, straight talking and 'no nonsense'.

HUMPTY DUMPTY: (female) An egg. Sings in the "Freak Flag" song.

MAMMA BEAR: (female) of 'Goldilocks fame' - kindly but assertive..

FAIRY GODMOTHER: (female) quirky, bemused and bespectacled.

WHITE RABBIT: (male) Always late for a very important date..

PETER PAN: (male) Naively believes he's an eternal boy - but is 34 and needs a shave.

UGLY DUCKLING: (female) classic runt of the litter.

THREE BLIND MICE: (female) Harmony onstage back-up singers for Donkey in 'Make a Move'.

KING HAROLD (male ). QUEEN LILLIAN (female). Young Fiona's mum and dad - royalty. Good singers. Appear very briefly only in the opening song when they sing a couple of lines.

KNIGHTS: (male) Harmony onstage back-up singers for Dragon in 'Forever'. Comic.


CHORUS/DANCERS: (male and female).

Appear throughout as Happy People, Angry Mob, Guards, Citizens etc. We are looking for 8-10 very strong dancers. We would love you to join us!