Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society

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Shrek The Musical

Wednesday 16th to Saturday 19th October 2024

BEAM, Hertford


We are delighted to announce that our October 2024 production will be Shrek the Musical.

Based on the Oscar-winning Animation film, Shrek The Musical is a Tony Award-winning fairy tale adventure, featuring all new songs including I’m A Believer.

Shrek will be our first production back at the all-new 600-seat Hertford Theatre. We are planning a spectacular show with fabulous roles for all ages.

The production team will be Lorraine Bottomley (Director), Keith Willis (Musical Director) and Sarah Comerford (Choreographer).


Shrek - Adam Beckman
Donkey - Chris Lucas
Fiona - Lily Tello
Lord Farquaad - Zachary Barber
Dragon - Mar Copues-Out
Sugar Plum Fairy/Gingy - Lizzie Droy (D/T)
Pinocchio - Benjamin Tossell (T)
Mama Ogre / Queen of Hearts - Emily Delamaine
Papa Orge / Thelonious - David Bottomley
Queen Lillian / Evil Queen - Helen Brooks (T)
King Harold / Papa Bear / Duloc Greeter - Adam Lipinski
Pied Piper / Wolf - David Barton (D/T)
Captain Hook / Bishop / Knight 1 - Phil Cable
Captain of the Guard / Knight 2 - Barny Shergold
Teen Fiona - Jodie Garg
Little Fiona / Gretal - Ella Kirtley
Little Shrek / Hansel / Grumpy Dwarf - Charlie Green
Thumbelina - Florence Underwood
Blind Mouse - Hayley Young (D/T)
Blind Mouse - Janina Enes (D)
Blind Mouse - Charlotte Povey (D/T)
Pig 1 - Sadie Wood
Pig 2 / Knight 3 - Graham Duncan
Pig 3 - Clive Dancey
Mama Bear - Niki Wolstenholme (D/T)
Baby Bear - Darcy Brooks
Peter Pan / Knight 4 - Andy Francis
Ugly Duckling - Cera-Rose Pickering
Witch - Debbie Wall (D)
Fairy Godmother - Julie Markey (T)
Elf - Mary-Jane Kenealy (D)
Humpty Dumpty - Alex Parkes
Mad Hatter - Sami Underwood
White Rabbit / Blue Bird - Hannah Juggins
Alice - Harriet Bowman
Red Riding Hood - Alice Morris (D/T)
Tinkerbell - Saphie Meischke (D)
Knight's Quartet - Graham Duncan, Phil Cable, Barny Shergold, Andy Francis

D – Featured Dancer
T – Rat Tapper

Production Team

Director:  Lorraine Bottomley
Assistant Director: Anna Palmer
Musical Director: Keith Willis
Choreographer: Sarah Comerford
Production Manager: Mary-Jane Tomlin
Stage Manager: Nik Mayes
DSM: Mark Shaw
Call Desk: Sue Hantke
Backstage team: David Bottomley, Steve Onyon, Jack Stylianou, Sarah Eccleston, Sophie Bennett
Props Lead: Lynne Warrilow
Props team: Tbc
Wardrobe Lead: Katie Kelson
Wardrobe team: Penny Coyston, Sally Newland
Wigs: Stuart Piddinton-Wall
Make-up Lead: Louisa Stevens
Make-up team: Jackie Noble, Jodie Brooker, Sandra Rowley & Esther Lilly
Sound: Simon Latter
Sound team: tbc
Lighting: John Vivash
Prompt - Beckie Tunnicliff-Walsh
Photography: Steve Beeston