Hertford Dramatic & Operatic Society

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Made In Dagenham

Tuesday 10th to Saturday 14th October 2017

Hertford Theatre, Hertford


Made in Dagenham is a super show suitable for all ages.

Set in 1968, Rita lives in Dagenham and like many local women, she works at the Ford plant performing the specialised task of sewing upholstery for car seats. It's intricate work carried out in sweltering conditions. So why, she wonders, are the workers paid the same as unskilled labourers? Is it because the work is unskilled. Or is it in fact because they are women. 

Made In Dagenham shows how, with a little help from political firebrand Barbara Castle, the Dagenham women managed to overturn an age old hypocrisy. 

We are pleased to welcome Hailey Budd, who is directing for us for the first time. Keith Willis, who was MD for our recent panto, has agreed to work with us again as Musical Director, with Heidi Koutselinis, as choreographer. 


Rita - Steph Fisher
Eddie - Alex Budd
Beryl - Angie Frost
Connie - Sarah Randall
Sandra - Cera-Rose Pickering
Clare - Andrea Pollington
Cass - Nicole Taylor
Sid - Darren Jones
Bill - Jody Randall
Barry - to be cast
Eddie's mate Stan - to be cast
Monty - Dan Thomas
Mr. Hopkins - Graham Duncan
Ron Macer - David Curling
Gregg Hubble - David Ronco
Tooley - Daniel Goode
Harold Wilson - Graham Sawtell
Barbara Castle - Kate Ayres
3 Civil Servants - David Rocco, Daniel Goode & Graham Duncan
Lisa Hopkins - Katy Bovaird
Cortina Man - Chris Lucas
Mr. Buckton - Phil Watkins
Chubby Chuff - Phil Watkins
Club Singer - Daniel Goode
Rita's kids: 
Graham - Jack Gale
Sharon - Ella Lambert 

Advanced dancers: 
Gina Ormerod (Cortina)
Rebecca Murphy (Cortina) 
Beckie Rowley (Cortina) 
Sophie Clark (Advanced dancer)
Helen Brooks (Cortina) 
Ellen Skinner (Cortina)
Katy Boviard (Cortina)

Advanced dancers (not Cortina)
Rachel Green
Alli Brown
Sally Newland
Sandra Rowley
Hannah Frost
Mary-Jane Keneally
Michael Taylor
Chris Lucas

Liane Burnett
Louise Kirtley
Nicola Thomas
Amanda Howard
Joanna Hunter
Brenda Turner
Helen Coxon
Michelle Fisher
Sarah-Louise Levy
Rod Roland

Production Team

Director - Hailey Budd
Musical Director - Keith Willis
Choreographer - Heidi Koutselinis
Stage Manager - Nik Mayes
Props - Malcolm Budd & team
Call Desk - Sue Hantke
Sound Manager - Ken Alford & team
Lighting Manager - Graham Lay & team
Make-up - Sally Tomlin & Jackie Noble
Prompt - Gemma Pobjoy
Canteen - Fran Dukes, Pat Lay & team
Costumes - Elaine Miller & Liane Burnett
Programme & poster design: Wildcat Design
Poster & publicity printing - Fingerprints Design
Publicity - Mary-Jane Tomlin
Front of House - Hertford Theatre team
Programme Content - Sue Hantke
Programme printing - Triographics
Programme sales - Chris Bartlett-Seery & team
Photography - Steve Beeston