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We will shortly be holding auditions for productions shown below.

Nell Gwynn

By Jessica Swales.
Directed by Andy Lee

Venue: Hertford Theatre
Performance dates: 15th - 18th November 2017

This bawdy romp won the 2016 Olivier award for Best New Comedy and we have been lucky to secure the performing rights. With a large cast with a range of ages, there is plenty of opportunity for members to perform a new play at Hertford Theatre in gorgeous period costume. We follow Nell from humble beginnings as an "orange seller" in Cheapside to her unlikely career as the first female star of the stage and her relationship with Charles II. We follow the action from the playhouse to the palace and see performances, rehearsals and dressing room dalliances.


Tuesday 27th June 2017 at 7:45pm
and Sunday 2nd July 2017 at 7:45pm

This play does not use period language and is very modern in its approach to language and comedy. This is not a musical production but it does have some singing and dancing in it, which enhances the action and is very funny and rather naughty!! Most characters take part in singing and very simple steps rather than dancing:

With the above in mind, a simple verse or ditty of your own choice will be required to be performed. No music will be provided - we just want to hear if you can produce any kind of tune!


Apart from the actors playing Nell Gwynn and Charles II, all other actors may play a variety of non-speaking crowd/courtier/guard roles throughout the production in addition to the stated roles below.

Ages stated are for guidance as the director is looking for the right mix of actors rather than doggedly following absolutely accurate ages.

Nell Gwynn 20-30. The lead role. Requires a confident and charismatic performance. Must be able to "put over" a bawdy song and move well.
Nancy Any age. Nell's best friend, confidante and partner in crime
Rose Gwynn 20-30. Nell’s sister. As Nell moves up through society, Rose is left behind to care for their ailing mother and continue the hard life in the slums and brothels of Cheapside.
Lady Castlemaine/
Louise de Karoualle
Lady Castlemaine is Charles II’s mistress at the start of the play. Used to her elevated status and natural at flaunting it, she is grand, demanding and used to influencing Charles/Louise is a French aristocrat that arrives as part of the ambassadorial party from France. Character speaks almost entirely in French. Actor will need at least a basic grasp of pronunciation. There is an English translation in the script for Lady C and Queen C
Queen Catherine/Old Ma Gwynn Charles’ long-suffering and neglected Portuguese wife, who had been unable to provide him with children. There is an angry rant in Portugeuse / Ma is Nells mother who embarrassingly turns up at the Palace not giving up her urge for gin!
King Charles IIThe rock-star-king, dedicated to having a good time. Charles is extravagant, witty, open-minded and lustful.
Lord ArlingtonThe King’s long-suffering advisor. Machiavellian, pompous and prudish.
Thomas KilligrewThe actor-manager of the King’s company. Dogged, devoted to his acting company and a little brow-beaten, Killigrew is in affect stage-manager, producer and director.
Edweard KynastonEstablished actor in the King’s company, who is used to taking the women’s parts.
Charles HartThe leading actor of the King’s company and one of the most recognisable actors of the day. An old-fashioned leading man, he has a strong presence.
John DrydenThe resident playwright of the King’s company. Flustered, kind-hearted and often lacking in confidence.
Ned Spiggett/Translator18-30. A young actor-in-training of the King’s company. Ned opens the play with a halting prologue that almost turns into a car crash as he is heckled by the crowd -recurring cameo.

Snow White and The Seven Dwarves

Directed by Cheryl Nicholson

Venue: Hertford Theatre
Performance dates: 17th - 21st January 2018

Our Pantomime is now well and truly in the planning stage, but we are pleased to announce that Cheryl Nicholson will be directing this year’s show, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. She will be joined by Ella Martin as Choreographer and Joanna Peirce as Musical Director.

More details will follow soon about the principal roles and what the team are looking for in terms of other supporting roles and the all-important chorus.

Auditions & Rehearsals

Friday 7th July and Friday 14th July 2017 - Get togethers: come along to meet the team and find out more about the show. 7th July will be singing and 14th will be mainly dancing so you need to attend both get togethers
Sunday 16th July - auditions from 2pm. Exact timings to be confirmed at get togethers.
Sunday 14th January 2018 - band call and technical rehearsal


Snow White ​​A beautiful young lady who must be able to sing well and dance.
Queen Malevolent​ Beautiful but evil stepmother to Snow White. Has a deadly charm. The script does not call for any singing or dancing but we would like her to be able to do both if possible and give her a number!
Spirit in the Mirror ​Man or Woman with a lyrical voice as all lines are in rhyme. Will also be included in the chorus
Dame Doitall ​​Snow White’s nurse and friend. The pantodame!!
Prince Rupert ​​Handsome Prince – no I don’t want a principal girl. He must be able to sing well and move well.
Handy Andy ​​Comic character and friend of Snow White.Good rapport with audience and works a lot with the Dame. Should be able to sing and move well although does not have any big solos.
Lord Chamberlain​ ​Fuddy duddy and easily flustered and the butt of Andy’s jokes, repeats himself a lot.
Huntsman​ ​Seems rather fierce at first but has a kind heart and is a friend to Snow White. May also be included in the chorus.
Chorus​ ​Members of the court – various ages to take part in singing and dancing numbers.
Junior dancers ​who are spirits of the forest , forest animals and servants at court and senior dancers for more advanced dance numbers.
Seven dwarfs ​​Chief, Smilie, Dozy, Snoozy, Sniffles, Timid and Growler – their names describe their characters.

We are really looking forward to seeing you all – please bring dance shoes and comfortable clothes for the get together’s as you will be learning dances and songs.